Starbucks and the Treat Receipt

I did not grow up in a house where we drank coffee.  In fact, to this day, my father hates the smell of the stuff, so much so that, during high school, my chosen form of rebellion was not smoking or drugs, but being a coffee house beatnik wannabe.  Boy did that tick him off...

As I got older, I've slowed the coffee consumption, so I'm not someone who has to have their morning Starbucks or fire will rain from the sky, but I do enjoy an iced latte every now and then.  Last week when I stopped in on my way to work, the Starbucks receipt had changed from white to green.  I asked what was up and they pointed to the bottom and called it a "Treat Receipt"

I don't mind you knowing my preferred Starbucks drink has a lot of extra flavoring in it, so I posted a scan of the receipt here.  Look at the deal they are running on the bottom.  This is genius.  Coffee sales slow after 2 pm because most employers do not allow you to leave the workplace for a 15 minute Starbucks run, unless there is one right next door, which, if you're in Seattle, is all together a likely possibility.  Plus if you come back in for a cold drink after 2, that banana bread or those cookies look mighty good.

While I know that a "Treat Receipt" concept isn't exactly going to translate in to property management, I have to wonder if there is some great application of the concept here.  We've all heard about the "Bee-Back Bucks" to encourage people to come back and rent in the same day they tour, but maybe it's time to step up this concept a little.  We could even schedule our "Treat Time" to be during our most usual slow hours or the slower days of the week to keep the flow of traffic moving throughout the week.

Any thoughts?

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