Because you’ve told them 1,000 times & they still don’t get it…

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VAK Communication

Psychologist Abraham Maslow is quoted as saying that “if the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail,” but when it comes to training and leadership, there is nothing more frustrating than being a person working for someone who sees every problem as a nail when they themselves see every problem as a screw…or a piece of duct tape.   Learning styles affect leadership styles, & understanding which mode of information input is best received by team members, and being able to communicate effectively through it, is crucial to successful leadership.

This highly interactive session will cover various methods scientifically proven to help increase the success level of teaching & leading groups of people through the three learning channels – Visual, Aural, & Kinesthetic.  Taught using empathy education techniques, this session will be full of interactive activities, games, & exercises to help people realize not only their preferred communication channels but the frustration of working with people who refuse to speak to them.  Through these exercises, attendees will learn how to modify their own communication techniques to fit the needs of their teams, & how to recognize the signs of “learning style interference” in their messages.   Retention of information through various methods will be covered, & resources will be shared on how to identify not only one’s own learning channels but also those of his or her teammates.  Participants will learn how to employ their knowledge of different learning styles & communication channels to enhance their leadership techniques for everything from common workday problems like team mediation & event execution to larger, time-consuming issues like budget concerns & crisis management.