Seth's Dregs

As is often the case in life, I have some heros who most likely don't even know I exist.  And odds are, if they were to meet me in person, I wouldn't really know how to say anything that would impress or ender them to me anyway, and I would probably ramble out of nervousness and they would walk away thinking I was some sort of a highly functioning schizophrenic.

Keith Ferrazzi is one of these people.

Seth Godin is another.

On Seth's blog today he has a post about "calling Dregs," the leftover parts of something that you'll take if no one else wants them.  I have to admit it, I am a "Dreg Caller" and that's really part of my immediate charm to my clients.  I will often run up against a client who will say, "We already use company X and we're happy with them," or, "We staff our property with people from sister properties," or, "We have an internal floater to fill in spots, so we don't need you."  It's hard to argue with a lot of those points, and you don't make anyone your client by getting in an argument with them. 

So instead, I take the "dregs" approach.

"It sounds like you already have a great solution, but in the case that something doesn't work out or something falls through, please keep us in mind for a backup option. We would be thrilled to have your business."

I take rejection well.  It comes from a lifetime of having a hard time getting a date.  It also makes people more willing to call me and use us since I can say that and still sound eager to work for them.

Dregs.   Seth, I love it.

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