Because Maintenance Teams Make the Property Work…

Miracle Worker Cover.jpg

Support Your Miracle Worker! Communication Clarity Between Office and Maintenance Personnel

(This session is intended for BOTH office and maintenance workers)

Everyone knows that a great maintenance professional is worth his or her weight in gold, but do you know how to support your team optimally and make the most of their skills? This feel-good class takes a look at the statistics to the real bottom line impact of what a service team contributes to the overall success of a property and comes chock full of ideas to make that success even better.  Focused on communication techniques, empathy, and appreciation, this session will cover:

  • Tips to open up and make the most of the communication between your office and maintenance staff

  • Ways to make staff meetings more inclusive and teams more in sync

  • Ideas for going the extra mile in maintenance service and follow up to your residents

  • Ideas to aid in easing the move in process for service teams

  • Steps the front office can take to help the maintenance staff have a more productive work flow

  • Extensive focus on how to take work orders in an optimized fashion and why doing so leads to higher success rates and job satisfaction for everyone involved in the process

  • How to develop a property “pre-diagnosis” tree to aid in the speed and ease of work orders

  • Thoughts on how to support your maintenance teams during their challenges and make the most of their achievements