Because Outreach Marketing Really CAN Drive Referrals…

Reach Out to Draw In Cover.jpg

Reach Out to Draw In: Outreach Marketing Methodology for the Modern Marketplace

Outreach marketing is a great opportunity to drive new leases through relationships with local businesses.  In this seminar, we will help with:

  • Identifying and developing strategies to help your property make connections with hiring departments at large local employers

  • Identifying Niche employers and Micro-trend markets in your area 

  • Creating a thought flow plan of questions to help inspire better approaches and executions of outreach marketing partnerships

  • Developing a methodology of identifying and isolating the trust agents around you and gaining their influence

  • And if you’re really set on this coupon way, try Heather’s trick to take the value of the program to the next level, not just for your residents, but for the businesses involved as well!

-           Side note: This session started as a webinar Wednesdays session for MFI, but I have used it in my presentations with the Apartment All Stars this last year, and crowds find it useful and enjoy it