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Heather Blume has a contagious energy and passion that goes to the heart of the multifamily & customer service industries. Her work on site, combined with her work as a vendor, give Heather a unique perspective that enables her to assist those around her in creating their own successes. Behind the Leasing Desk Training & Consulting Services is a training and consulting firm out of the Seattle area that specializes in meeting the specific needs of multifamily clients who may be experiencing challenges in different facets of the property management world. Heather provides an educated and objective point of view coupled with a sense of humor that is valued by her readers and clients.


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Heather’s Presentation at the 2019 National Apartment Association on Mental Health and the Culture of Hostility Surrounding Service Animals

This is, of all the speaking I've done in the last decade, one of - if not THE hardest presentation I've ever given. There is something different about talking about yourself vs. presenting a presentation that you've written. Baring your soul and weak spots in front of 3600 people isn't easy... but I'd do it again in a heartbeat because of how it effected my audience. Thank you to NAA for the opportunity to present in your 2019 Living Room Learning session!


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Heather has a few specialty areas of focus that you might not find with other speakers.

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Fair Housing Education Done Right!

Fair Housing is one of the most important areas of education for people in property management, & one of the most misunderstood. See how Heather & her service dog MoonMoon can help re-frame these issues into a clearer focus for your staff!

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The Blog that Started it All…

Heather’s blog, Behind the Leasing Desk, shares her ideas on everything in her corner of the property management universe.

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All about MoonMoon

Are you curious about Heather’s Service Animal, MoonMoon? Learn why Heather has her, what she’s trained to do, and see a bunch of extremely adorable pics

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“Either you own it, or it owns you.”

— Heather Blume

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