Because you have to deal with that F-5 level resident…

facing the storm cover.jpg

Facing the Storm:

Dealing with a person who is not in a positive frame of mind is one of the most important customer service skills that a person can have.  Being raised in the Midwest, Heather can think of no better teaching metaphor for dealing with conflict control than the awe-striking storms she grew up chasing with her father. From funnel clouds to hail walls, let her teach you how to face the storm spins of unhappy residents with commanding confidence.


•Realize the role that communication, verbal and non, play in our customer relationships, as well as the effect of personal perception on situation resolution

•Understand how situations escalate and what you can do to stop it

•Understand how your actions interacting with customers directly affect the bottom line NOI of your properties

•Utilize successful conflict resolution methods