Hello, I’m MoonMoon!


Me on Adoption Day - this is how I won over Mom. Sucker.


Don’t worry, Mom. I got this.


This dog is not good at playing.


I’m a Service Dog & Proud of it!

As you can see from the adorable pictures here, I’m flipping delightful.

But more important than that, I’m a dog with a job. I’ve worked by my mom’s side for the last 2 years as her PTSD & stability service animal. Mom says I gave her back her life, but all I do is just be me, so that’s pretty awesome. Basically, my job is to keep mom chilled out when she gets all worked up, let her know when a situation is likely to trigger an attack in her, or to help her get back to her hotel room or a safe place if she gets disoriented. I’m also there to help her stay steady when her balance isn’t the best, especially on stairs.

My mom is quite a handful, so when I’m working, I don’t like to meet new people or make friends because it distracts me from keeping track of mom’s stress & anxiety levels. I’m a weirdly serious little dog when it comes to watching Mom. When my vest comes off, though, I’m a pretty normal happy dog, who loves to play & wrestle with my brother, Rocket. If I am working & you want to meet me, make sure to ask my mom & let her introduce us.

If you have questions about me or working animals in general, especially with service, companion, or emotional support animals on property, you can email me at MoonMoon@behindtheleasingdesk.com & I’ll reply. Mom always checks my advice to people for Fair Housing law compliance, but she says I still have to remind you that I’m not a lawyer, & neither is she.

Finally, just in case you were wondering, I am a very good girl. Yes, I am, Yes, I am.



I’m a Moonicorn!

My Basic Info

  • Almost 3 years old

  • Boxer/Australian Shepard mix - the parents call me a “Bossy,” & they think this is terribly funny.

  • Weight - Around 75-80 lbs.

  • Shelter Rescue Dog

  • Started training at 8 weeks old & one day.

  • AKC CGC Certified & Open Access Certified

  • Nicknames include Moons, Moonicorn, Moony, Moon Monster, Moon Pie, Honey Moon, Princess Many Moons, MoonMoon Kaboom, & Bubby. I had zero control over these.

  • Favorite incredibly bad for me food - Cheetos, the puffs


Me & my brother Rocket, back when he was bigger than me & thought he was in charge.