Our Staff

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Olivia Lindsey

Olivia Lindsey is Heather’s Assistant. She handles creation of some content, marketing execution, & is the person you want to reach out to if you need something urgently from Heather while she’s traveling. Olivia also assists with property shopping duties in the Pacific Northwest.

Besides serving as Heather’s Assistant, Olivia has onsite property management experience, specializing in lease ups & assistant manager administration duties.

Olivia has her Bachelors from Washington State University in Human Development (a degree which is weirdly helpful in property management). She also has an adorable cat named Stella & loves sour candies, mermaids, & genuinely good human beings.

To reach Olivia, please email her at olivia@behindtheleasingdesk.com


Alan Reinhold

Alan Reinhold handles all information technology assessment requests. He assists Heather in the evaluation of any software that she is asked to assess & provide feedback for.

Alan holds his BS in Computer Science from Kansas State University & has worked as a full stack developer, security specialist, technical team lead, & systems administrator for almost 2 decades.

Alan loves photography, minecraft, our dogs MoonMoon & Rocket, and being outdoors. You can request his services/software assessments/technical expertise by reaching out to Heather & scheduling an appointment through her.