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While classroom training is Heather’s favorite career development tool, she knows that it isn’t practical for everyone. Professional growth needs to happen for employee success, so take a look at some of the optional resources that your can use to grow the careers of those around you in Residential Property Management.

A Great Read for Newbies & Industry Vets!

A Great Read for Newbies & Industry Vets!

The Apartment All Stars Complete Guide to Leasing

$29.95  – Bulk discounts available! 

The Apartment All Stars have collaborated on the first of many books for the industry, with the goal of helping to educate & inform even more members of the multifamily industry that they all love.  The All Stars are proud to bring you  “The Apartment All Stars Guide to Leasing Apartments.”  We hope you enjoy our ‘labor of love’ that we put together for you!

To order your copy, go to &use promo code HEATHER.

A One Stop Site for Multifamily Advice & Ideas

A One Stop Site for Multifamily Advice & Ideas

Multifamily Insiders

FREE + Costs for Webinars

Brent Williams created a platform for residential property management professionals to share advice & ideas with each other. Best of all, it’s FREE! On the MFI Platform, users can read & contribute to the forums, check out blog posts from industry thought leaders, & even sign up for some of the best educational webinars available!

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