Recruit 2 retain

Front line talent is the most important investment that any company can make in their assets, and everybody in today's market is trying to hire the best employees out there. How do you know you're hiring the right person? Where do you find them? What's the best approach for attracting the top candidates out there and weeding out the crazies? How do you hire someone who will stick around? In this session, Heather will share with you some of her tips and tricks of the recruiting and hiring trade, teaching you some of her methods in all the various stages of hiring, including:

  • Advertising for the position

  • Weeding through the resumes and weeding out the words of nothingness

  • Phone Screening approaches to help you save time

  • Interview concepts and ideas to help you identify the best possible hire

  • How to spot an employee that has the best chance of being a long term hire

  • Onboarding techniques that help minimize confusion and maximize adaptation and embracing of company culture and expectations


(This class is adapted from a webinar for MFI which got incredibly high ratings.  In addition, I have presented this class at numerous industry shows with quality feedback.)