“Job” to “Career”: Mindset Magic

Do you remember the days of working 40 years at the same company to get that gold watch?  It was before my time, but that kind of employee loyalty has become a serious deficiency in our business lexicon over the last few decades.  People are trained by the system that if they want a pay raise, then it's time to look for a new job.  If they want better working conditions, then look for a new job.  If they've got communication problems, it's easier to look for a new job than to try to fix things with their current boss.  As Elton and Gostick wrote, "People don't leave jobs.  People leave bosses."   

One of the quickest ways to raise NOI on your property is to do your part to limit the amount of employee turnover.  While it's true that this industry can be demanding, and some people just aren't cut out for it, it's also true that management techniques can go a long way in making that revolving door of employees move a lot slower.  This session will give you real world stats and proven ideas to help move your employees' mindset to that of a long term employee.  Stability in your team leads to stability on your property!