Employee ENGAGEMENT Session (Needs Title Work)

Did you know that 88% of managers think that people leave their jobs for more money, while 89% of people report that they leave their jobs for reasons other than pay?  We have a massive disconnect in today’s society between what our employees expect out of their career experience and what our management is willing to provide.  Companies who don’t provide what their employees need will lose their people to a rival company, and with 66% of employed people currently searching for a new job, they’re going to lose them soon.  Let Heather teach your people how to keep the talent that can carry your NOI to new heights.  She’ll share tricks from management to hiring, motivation to conflict resolution, and so much more!

Did you know that replacing an employee who makes only $35,000 a year can cost a company between $45,000 and $60,000?  Good talent is hard to find and it's even harder to keep in an incredibly aggressive and competitive market place.  Let me teach your managers how to better communicate with their employees and how to reward them in a more productive manner.  We will talk about the best ways to encourage employee engagement and loyalty in the world of property management.