Treasures From Travels - Site Visit Coolness for May

Here are a few very cool things that I saw as I was visiting potential clients earlier this month.  I've been taking pictures of a lot of the neat stuff I've seen, but I don't always have a camera, so some of these have pictures and some don't.

First off, one of my properties made a morning a WHOLE lot better when I noticed that they not only had coffee sitting out with the usual creamers, but they also had bottles of flavor for the coffee like the local coffee shops have.  I was really impressed at that small, but highly noticeable, upgrade.  Yea to that property!  Very nice!!!

On the south end, one of the properties I visited in Kent had fence banner signs that really caught my eye more than signage usually does.  I want to share the picture with you and send mad props out to the management for how NICE the curb appeal was there! 

While driving up I-5  out of Seattle, I passed the following property.  Their GI-NORM-OUS banner is AMAZING and I really like the 

message on it as well - "Live where it all connects"   What a way to use banner advertising!

While waiting for a property staff to return from their lunch break one day, I ran in to the BELLTOWN DOG WALKER.  I wanted to point out her shirt, which I am sorry to say I don't have a better picture of, is her main form of advertising.  When I saw her though, I thought to myself, how cool would it be to have on the back of her shirt the apartment communities where she has dogs that she walks?  Talk about some great free advertising for your community in exchange for passing her card out in your move-in packets AND providing an awesome service to your residents all in one!  Plus, I just gotta tell you, she's a total sweetheart and really nice.

This golf cart not only looked great, but I loved the back window where they had put the community name on it.  It was like a Rolls Royce of golf carts, and I know that a lot of communities forget about how the golf cart appearance can potentially affect the outcome of a tour.  It's part of our curb appeal, so it should look awesome!

One of my current clients is offering a free gift with a tour.  I thought this was notable since it's the first time I've seen it up in the Seattle area.  I do like the sign above, and if you can give a gift with a tour and get around offering or advertising FREE RENT, I'm all for that!

I saw a site earlier in the month that had a few beach balls floating in the pool.  I thought it looked really cool, and asked the manager about it.  She told me that they had been floating balls in the pool for weeks prior to opening so that when it was time to open up, people would be ready to get in there!  I loved her idea for creating buzz!  I think floating little rubber duckies in your pool for three weeks before opening would work equally well to create talk around the community

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