Seven Deadly Sins Week Starting September 7th!

Next week's BTLD posts will be a bit different.  I've decided if the History Channel can rock the 7 deadly sins, so can Behind the Leasing Desk, with a slight twist to the multifamily industry.  We'll have your favorite PM sins here, one each day, from the 7th through the 13th, so don't forget to check back each day.  Seeing as how Monday is Labor Day, my sense of Irony tells me that it's right to start with Sloth.

See you then, if you're not too tired to check in!

Monday: Sloth- Ain't it Cute?
Tuesday: The Perils and Power of Pride
Wednesday: Little Bit'a Lust
Thursday: Adversary in Avarice
(That would be Greed for those of you who are not yet up on your Latin)
Friday: Working Out Wrath
Saturday: Exorcising Envy
Sunday: Gluttony has Got to Go!

(I'm doing this blog series to promote my new seminar on the 7 Deadly Property Management Sins through BTLD Consulting!  If you're interested in booking out for the seminar for your team or apartment association, shoot me an email at

Sloth - Ain't it cute?!

Popcorn - The other cookie