Presenting the Package

In the September/October edition of Rent And Retain, Mindy Williams answered a letter concerned with the recent economic downturn and how it relates to presenting an apartment community.  She said that it's about the total package.

I loved this thought.  It's not about just your community, it's about the whole community.  Do you know where the best Asian food in town is?  How about the dry cleaners with the best prices?  And where can I find a Baskin Robbins?  How about a Dunkin' Donuts? (If you can find me one of those and a Sonic in the Seattle area, I will swear undying allegiance and love to you.  Sure we get the commercials, but where's the product?!)

You've got to be a "Concierge Lite" for your future residents before they even move in.  The good information about a potential community is worth more than gold to a new resident, and if you can find a great connection in knowledge with your future resident then you've got an increased chance of closing that lease!

Here's a few other overlooked nuggets you might want to try to find out:

Doggie Day Care - Pets are family members and being a pet friendly community gives you some great chances for real connections with your residents

Local Senior Center - Old people rock!  There, I said it.  They are just too cool, and if you've got a diverse community, then this a pretty standard question.  Don't look at them like they're crazy.  Know where the Senior Center with the craft room and free pool tables is. 

The best Mexican place in town
-  This is a must know for all leasing consultants along with the best local pizza joint.  They are always the two most requested food genres.

A good priced, and great skilled, local hair stylist
- Finding a new stylist is one of those things that we don't think about when we move, but is always a pain in the tush afterward.  Help your new resident out by referring them to someone who knows what they're doing. It's one less thing they have to try to find.

The nearest place they can find a toaster - I have lost and/or broken mine twice in the moving process, and the minute I find it broken, I immediately want bagels. 

What else belongs on this list?  What are you most often asked for?  When you move, what do you want to know right off the bat?

Going... Going... Going... GONE GREEN!

"Follow Your Nose"