On Being the "Blip"

Remember those old movies that inevitably had some scene that took place in a submarine where there was a guy wearing headphones bigger than his head  and watching the screen of concentric circles for the little radar "blip" that meant something was out there?  Well success today, it's all about being the "blip."

As a vendor, you don't want me on your doorstep every week, no matter how great the bagels are that I bring.  You probably want maybe one call a week from me, MAXIMUM, unless you have business for me or a problem that maybe I can help you solve.  My temps that go out to work most often are the ones who "stay on my radar" without annoying the fudge out of me. And, Leasing Consultants of the world, being the "Blip" on the radar of your future, current and even past residents will guaranteed bring you more leases and renewals. 

Remember, being the "blip" takes some finesse, too.  The "Blip" is subtle, suave and secretive.   The "Blip" never makes sounds that last incessantly.  It's there and then it's gone.  The "Blip" reminds you once an a while that it's here, every so often, blinking on the radar screen so that you remember it's there when you need it.  Just when you've forgotten about the "Blip" it pops back up, just to say hello or maybe to bring you bagels.  The "Blip" also never tells you everything about itself.  It leaves you wanting a little bit more.  More conversation, more ideas, more... well... "Blipping."  Connecting is key to renting and to retaining, but so is knowing when enough is enough.    Your resident, client, or boss...  none of these people need to know about your hot encounter last night with your sister's cabana boy, or that your dog has some sort of weird skin rash.  That is not being the blip.  That is being the annoying warning siren in your dialogue partner's head.

Practice and evaluate your "Blipping" abilities today.  Where do you stand?

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