My Fair Housing Haiku Collection

Some of you may have seen this on my Facebook Page, but I was told by several people that it needed to be reposted to my blog in honor of Fair Housing Month.  I post this collection in it's current condition, but if you want to watch it grow, you'll have to keep track of it here.  You can also subscribe to my page on Facebook and, for the month of April, you'll find that I'm posting a FH haiku each day.  (Did I mention that April is also National Poetry Month?  It's nice to combine these two... like chocolate and peanut butter!)

Also, bear in mind that I started this on a Friday afternoon when my brain was fried, AND I blame the fine folks at Grace Hill for the whole thing.

And now, for your reading amusement, my Fair Housing Haiku Collection

Though I might wonder

There are things I can't ask you

Due to Fair Housing


Where did you come from

is a question I can't ask

Inside I wonder


Race is protected

Can't tell the WASPs "No"

Got to rent to them


Green stands by its self

the only color that counts

in Fair Housing Law


Worship Potatoes

It does not matter to me

Still will rent to you



Most violations filed

Be mindful, people


Family status

Can't kick kids out of the pool

Successful Lawsuit


Guys and Dolls - Good show!

Protected classes for us

Gender should not count


If you can pay rent

and pass a criminal check

your home is with us



*Bonus Stanzas*

In Advertising

Please show some diversity

Or HUD will get you


Stay off HUDs hot list

Not a good place to reside

They don't bring cookies


Fair Housing Month

Why don't we have a ribbon?

Someone get on that

I walked into a door

SM Step Three: Going from Info Intake to Action