My Bias for Other's Blogs

These are just a few of the most awesome blogs out there on the web right now, but they are definely some of my favorites.  Take a moment to check them out, and leave them a comment if you appreciate their writing!

 The Leasing Cafe   
Great resources for resident retention to current
legal issues in property management.  Awesome read!
 Lisa Trosien                             
 The wit and wisdom from the first lady of apartment marketing.  MUST READ!!!
 Mike Brewer                     
Property management ideas from a guy who is destined to make our industry a more compelling place!
 Mark Juleen   
 Mark is so far out of the box on his ideas, that he's the UPS guy delivering them!  You'll be pleased with his great content and innovation
 Apartment Vetran   
 A blog from Eric Brown's Urbane Properties in Royal Oak, this is a must read if you are considering setting up a community blog of your own.  It is well written and excellently executed!
 APTly Spoken          
 This is the NAAs blog, and it always has some great information on it for your on site teams and for upper management
 Multifamily Insiders          
 I've written about MFI several times before, but if you really want to check out the best blogs in the biz, 90% of them are found RIGHT HERE!

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