Happy Birthday To US!

To my very dear and much appreciated readers,
Behind The Leasing Desk is one year old Today!  We're definely up and walking, taking more and more strong steps to providing you with awesome content for your on site and regional teams, and, like any toddler, we have some HUGE surprises in store for you this year!  Keep referring us to your friends, because and readership grows, so does my ability to bring you more and more awesome ideas.   Our growth this first year has been amazing, this blog getting between 5K to 7K hits a month, and we would like to thank our supporters.  A huge thank you out to the following folks who have supported me as a writer in the last year:

My amazing readers, who keep coming back and keep googling to find me.  You're why I'm here!
Mike Brewer (who's blog inspired me to blog in the first place)
Lisa Trosien at The Apartment Expert
Mark Juleen at JC Hart
Brent Williams and his amazing community at Multifamily Insiders.com
Mike Whaling at 30 Lines
Charity Hisle at Benson Media
Jesse Hartman, Steve DeMuth, Darcey Forbes and the rest of the amazing marketing and communications E-Team
Eric Brown with Urbane Apartments
Amiee Miller and her team at AppFolio
Mindy Williams with Rent and Retain
Toni Blake with Totally Toni
The amazing team at the Washington Multi Family Housing Association who have given me so much encouragement
All my favorite human beings on Twitter
My patient and understanding guy, Alan, who has spent far too much time waiting for me to, "finish just one more paragraph."
And last, but certainly not least, my company, Career Strategies Inc., who have patiently waited for my efforts to yield the relationships we now prize.

You have all made this blog possible through your incredible encouragement and support with my efforts and I am forever appreciative of everything you've done.  Thank you, each of you, from the bottom of my heart.

 For my readers, as always, I'm happy to continue being one of your great resources in the multifamily world!  Thank you so much for reading, and I look forward to continuing  to help you out in the coming year!

Best wishes,

Communication Clarity With Your Residents

Communication Clarity With Your Residents

The Grass isn't always greener... but it could be