Coffee Sleeve Marketing

We’re coming into the season of the warm drink.  Okay, that’s not fair – I live in Seattle, coffee capital of the west coast, so it’s always time for a warm drink out here.  But in the rest of the country, the days are growing shorter, colder, and a little darker one by one. 


Have you ever considered approaching your local coffee house and asking them if you can buy their coffee sleeves for them?  This was an awesome idea I got from one of the members of my CAM class this last year, Jennifer Spears with O’Brien.  She mentioned great success with this idea, and I’ve got to tell you, it’s pretty brilliant.  But you know me – it’s not enough to know that an idea works; I have to know WHY it works.  So I did some digging, and here are the stats that I found:


The average customer spends 49 minutes with a cup of coffee.


Of information on a coffee sleeve, the info recall rate is at 65% of what they read.


6 customers PLUS the purchaser on average will see/read the info.


Pretty ingenious!  And then you top off with the fact that you can now get eco-friendly recycled sleeves from places like for less than $70 for 1000 of them, and it seems like a no brainer.


Oh, and by the way, I’m talking about sleeves that are printed on both sides – one side is their logo, one side is yours.  Or maybe a tip about renting, moving, or even your current “Coffee House” special?  The limitations here are only your creativity! 


So the next time you’re on the afternoon coffee run, why not take a second and do a little outreach partnership marketing as well.  After all, the worst thing that could happen is they will say no, in which case, I’ll bet the coffee house down the street would be thrilled to have you trim a small expense from their budget!

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