Advice from my grandfather about your model unit

 My grandma, or Meme as we called her, and Grandpa Al owned this little house in the south suburbs of Chicago that I think they had lived in since at least the 40s and when I would stay with them during the summers, I would live in this sardine can of a room that was about 5 feet across and 7 feet wide. 

I always enjoyed my summers in Chicago, but one of my most FREQUENT memories about being up there is my grandfather's voice saying, "If you're not going to be in that room then shut that darned light off!"  It didn't ever occur to me to turn the lights off as a child, because I wasn't paying the bills and I was too young to be all eco-conscious.  We all grow and learn.

Do you leave the lights on in your model unit all day?  I know that it's important when we tour with a future resident to have the model unit looking great - lights on, smelling all homey, sparkling clean.  But what about the moments when we aren't in that model unit?  Leaving the lights on all day isn't a great option, and with the current push to green living, it could even be a turn off for a future resident.

This problem is easily overcome by installing a simple motion sensor in your model's light switches.  With an inexpensive sensor, even if you have three switches, the cost is STILL under $50 and with the lights not being on all the time in that home, you might make that cost up in the first monthly electric bill. It also saves mucho money on the occasions when your team might be so busy at 6:00 that they don't get over there to shut the lights off for the evening. 

The only caution with this is to make sure that if you are going to use the motion sensors, then get bulbs that fire up to full lighting quickly.  In the past, CFLs have failed do to this as quickly as we might hope, but with some of the newer designs, the full wattage fire time is MUCH quicker!

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